Disposable Facial Products

Headbands - Caps - Face Mask - Eye Pads - Cotton Swabs

Soyee has developed a unique range of disposable beauty products that offer significant benefits to professional beauty therapists. Soyee disposable beauty products feature non-woven, spun lace materials for maximum efficiency and hygiene. Our complete range of head cover and facial disposables address many of the major beauty concerns. You will find more information on our range of facial disposables below...

Head Band with Velcro
Mob Cap or Crinkled Cap
Head Band with Velcro, DHB-677

(10 pieces per bag, 1,000 pieces per carton)

Disposable Head Band with Velcro closure is made from luxuriously soft, yet highly absorbent spun-lace material. This headband is perfect for keeping hair off the face when cleansing or when applying facial mask. The adjustable Velcro closure provides a comfortable fit every time. The professional choice for facial treatments.

Mob Cap (crinkled), HCP-M21W

(100 pieces per bag, 20 bags per carton)

Disposable Mob/Crinkled Cap made of light weight non-woven material, double-stitched elastic ideal to keep hair away from the face and neck during facial treatment

Bouffant Cap 21 inch, Round Head Cover or Hair Net

Vichy Shower PE Cap

Bouffant, Round Cap, HCP-O21 White/Blue

(100 pieces per bag, 20 bags per carton)

Disposable hair net made of light weight nonwoven material, single elastic Round Cap which can be used for dual purposes. As a barrier to hold the hair back during body treatment, or for hygiene and cleanliness during food preparation. The Round Cap can also be used as a disposable face cradle cover for the massage table or chair: just slit a cross in the middle for breatheability during massage when face down on the head piece.

Vichy Shower Cap, HCP-PE03

(Individual pack, 100 pieces per bag, 10 bags per carton)

Water-proof PE cap, ideal for keeping customers' hair dry during Vichy Shower and Day Spa treatment

Facial Gauze Mask with Holes for Eyes, Nose & Mouth

Sakurai Wipes K-100, Eye Pads, Make-up Removal

Gauze Mask w holes for eyes, nose & mouth, DGM-1211

(50 pieces per packet, 100 packets per carton)

Disposable Facial Gauze Mask with holes for eyes, nose and mouth, ideal as underlay for facial mud mask, facial peel and electrolysis treatment.

Eye Pad, Gauze Wipes, WIPS-K100

(150 pieces per bag, 40 bags per carton)

Sakurai K-100 is a soft, nonwoven low lint gauze like wipe. The 4-ply wipe of 7.5 x 7.5 cm is ideal for removing facial and eye make up, as well as for use as eye pad. The tiny gauze like holes will absorb make-up and gently cleanse the face thoroughly.

3-ply Face Mask with Ear-Loop

PE laminated Make-Up Protector or Dental Bib

3-ply Face Mask, FMS-301W Ear-Loop

(50 pieces per bag, 50 bags per carton)

For hygiene and health reasons many nail artists and therapists are wearing the White Face Mask during treatments. The Green and Blue Face Mask are commonly use by dentists and carers in health care industries.

Make-up Protector/Dental Bib, APE-4550

(100 pieces per box, 20 boxes per carton)

Ideal for Make-up, with loop to hold as bib, cost-saving single ply tissue, laminated with PE will prevent any staining of liquid or powder residue on customer.

Kolon Hypodermic Needes

3 inch SHARP Cotton Swab, Single Tip, Wooden Stem

Hypodermic Kolon Needle, DNE-27G2

(100 pieces per box, 50 boxes per carton)

Single use sterilised Half needle is ideal for extraction of white heads

3" SHARP Cotton Swab, SWB-3002

(100 pieces per packet, 300 packets per carton)

The SHARP cotton tip is ideal for cuticle treatment and Eye-lash tinting

3 inch Cotton Swab, Double Tip, Wooden Stem

6 inch Cotton Swab, Single Tip, Wooden Stem

3" Double Tip Cotton Swab, SWB-3011

(100 pieces per packet, 500 packets per carton)

Wooden stem, Double Tip cotton swab is ideal for eye brow make-up

6" Cotton Swab, Single Tip, SWB-6002

(100 pieces per packet, 240 packets per carton)

The 6" Wooden Stem Cotton Swab is ideal for pedicure

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