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Soyee Australia provides high tech industries operating Cleanroom or critical manufacturing environments qualified solutions to the diverse demands of contamination and static control.

As an OEM to various industries, Soyee can also help develop custom made products to address niche industry requirements.

Soyee supplies to the Aerospace, Automotive, Bio-tech, Electronic, LCD, Nanotechnology, Medical Device, Optical, Pharmaceutical, Photonic, Printing, Research & Development and the Semiconductor industries.

Our niche Cleanroom consumable products include Sakurai® Lint Free Polyester Cleanroom Wipes, Sakurai® PolyCellulose Wipes, Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) presaturated wipes, BemcotTM Wipers, Puriwipe® Cleanroom Swabs, Cleanroom stationery and NewClean® Sticky Mats.

The general contamination and static control product range includes an array of Low Lint Wipes, Cleaning Swabs, Facemasks, Disposable Apparel, Gloves, Static Dissipative Clean Shoes, ESD Anti-static bags, ESD Wrist Straps and Sticky Mats.

When contamination from minute particulate matter, residue and liquid contaminants are of concern within your industry, then Soyee Cleanroom consumable supplies are the solution to your problem.

Please feel free to call us during business hours on (02) 9792 8893 or fill out our Cleanroom Consumables Product enquiry form, and we will reply to your enquiry within 24 hours.

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