Waxing Supplies - Nonwoven Spunbond, Calico-Natural, Bleached firm and soft

Evana Waxing Roll, 8 cm x 100 metres per roll, each roll per  dispenser box

Waxing Rolls

Soyee present an array of disposable waxing treatment products that promote hygiene, save time and provide cost effective solutions to the professional beauty therapist.

PuriWipe Evana Waxing Strips

Evana waxing strips were created after months of product development and tested with different types of wax to ensure Evana waxing strip will remove very fine hair and leave no remnants after a professional wax treatment.

EVANA Waxing Strip, 8cm x 100m per roll, 10cm x 50m per rollEvana Waxing Roll, DNW-9091E

8 cm x 100 metres per roll
10 rolls per carton
Each roll per dispenser box

** innovative Evana packaging gives therapist the ease of pulling out the required length of waxing strip for use and any access strip can be rolled back into the dispenser box **

Evana Waxing Roll WIDER Width 10 cm x 50  metres per rollEvana Waxing Roll, DNW-9091T

10 cm x 50 metres per roll
20 rolls per carton

** WIDER width Evana strips make waxing easier for the professional therapist when waxing broad hairy areas, such as men's chest & back **

Other Waxing Rolls include: Nu-Calico Waxing Roll, Bleached FIRM Calico Roll, Bleach SOFT Calico Roll, Nu-Bond Waxing Roll and Nu-Poly Waxing Roll.

LARGE Wooden Spatula, Tongue Depressor, Paddle Pop Stick n Eye  Brow BeaterBrow Beater, Orang Stick with Tapered ends, Orange Stick  with Arrow & Bevelled tip

Spatulas and Applicators

Single use high quality Spatulas and Applicators provide the most hygienic solution to applying waxes and beauty treatment products. Disposable application products provide your customer with peace of mind in knowing that you care for their wellbeing. Our extensive range includes:

LARGE Wooden Spatula, Tongue Depressor, Paddle Pop Stick-Small Spatula, Brow Beater, Orange Stick with Arrow & Bevelled tip and Orange Stick with tapered ends.

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