Latex - Vinyl - Cotton - Paraffin Arm-Length - Exfoliating Mittens - Finger Cots

As a professional beauty therapist, safety and hygiene is of prime concern, Soyee offers a range of high quality disposable gloves that add protection, reliability and cost effectiveness to your beauty treatment disposable products. Please explore our range of disposable gloves below…

Latex Lightly Powdered Disposables Gloves

Lightly Powdered Vinyl Gloves - Clear or Blue

Latex Gloves, Lightly powdered, GLX-406 Small, Medium, Large

(100 pieces per box, 10 boxes per carton)

Non Sterile Latex Gloves, Lightly powdered for easy use, Ambidextrous, Single use only.

Vinyl Gloves, Lightly powdered, Clear or Blue, GVL-158 Small, Medium, Large

(100 pieces per box, 10 boxes per carton)

Lightly powdered Non Sterile Clear Vinyl or Blue Vinyl Gloves

Cotton Gloves Non-Allergic Safety Hygiene

Paraffin Arm-Length Gloves

Cotton Gloves, 100% Cotton, GC-1929

(12 pairs per dozen , 100 dozens per carton)

For comfort and allergy prevention, Cotton Gloves may be worn under Latex or Vinyl Gloves.

Paraffin Arm-length Gloves, GPE-900F

(50 pieces per bag, 50 bags per carton)

Arm-length gloves are suitable as Paraffin Liners for paraffin treatments.

Spa Exfoliating Mittens with Nets

HDPE Gloves Paraffin Liners

Spa Exfoliating Mitten with Nets, NSM-188

(100 pieces per bag, 10 bags per carton)

These mitts are made of Non-woven material on one side and Double Nets on other, ideal as Spa Scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells before treatment. Excellent for deep cleaning and softening rough and callused skin during shower.

HDPE Gloves, GHD-405F Free Size

(100 pieces per bag, 50 bags per carton)

Ideal disposable liners for no-mess paraffin treatments.

Sleeves Protector Water-Proof CPE

Cotton Finger Cots

Sleeve Protector, LDPE, GPE-402C

(100 pieces per bag, 20 bags per carton)

Water-proof PE Sleeve Protector keeps sleeves dry and mess free during treatment.

Cotton Finger Cots, FCC-456

(100 pieces per bag, 100 bags per carton)

100% Cotton Finger Cots, clean and no mess during extractions.

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